Image Enhancement


$1.50 Per Image


  • Lighting & Contrast

  • Blue Sky Replace

  • Grass Repair

  • Color Correction

  • Image Alignment



  • Lighting & Contrast

  • Reflection Removal

  • Color Correction

  • Image Alignment


What is Image Enhancement?

Image enhancement is the process of making your photos look amazing. When you photograph an image, many things may be off such as white balance (the actual colors seen in person), the alignment , exposure (highlights and shadows) – not to mention the photo may just look blah. We fix all of that!

With interiors, image enhancement includes fixing color casts and white balance, sharpness, contrast and saturations, and really making the photo look its best. The interiors are where you also find camera reflections in mirrors and flash highlights – we take care of that too, all for just $1.50!

Image enhancement for the exterior photos follows the same process, while also tackling the unique issues present outside: dead grass, grey or blown out skies, and lack of curb appeal. We green the grass, add blue skies, and make the image stand out in a great way, again for just $1.50 per image!

If you take your own photos, or work with a budget photographer who doesn’t want the hassle of editing, this is the service for you! Image enhancement is usually ordered with virtual staging. To learn more about our virtual staging service CLICK HERE.

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Image Enhancement is great for adding extra lighting, color & contrast to images. Statistics show that homes with nice images have increased attention and traffic when compared to homes with dark and less enhanced images.

Enhanced Images will be available on your “My Images” page within 24 hours of your order.

No, your images are not required to be wide angle in order for us to edit them successfully. However, if you are looking for the best possible results for your images, we would highly suggest taking images with a wider angle to capture more details of the home inside and out. Not using a wide angle lens may result in very narrow images, like a corner of a bedroom rather than the entire bedroom. Please view our tips for taking the best images page.

Image Enhancement Samples