Virtual Staging

$20 per image

  • Realistic Quality

  • Adds Color & Dimension

  • Increase Online Traffic

  • Helps Viewer Imagination


What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual Staging is a fantastic and affordable way to breath life into an empty space. Showing the potential of a room allows real estate buyers to envision themselves living there. Virtual Staging can also be used effectively alongside physical staging to provide more value to your clients.

Whether taking the real estate photos yourself, or hiring a photography company to take them, either can be used for virtual staging. If you don’t already know how to photograph real estate and want to get the best angles for virtual staging, we created a free, in-depth guide HERE. Getting the key shots for virtual staging is a must, so definitely check out the guide!

Our virtual staging process is extremely easy! Simply create an account by selecting a username and password, click New Job, name the job and upload your photos. Once the photos are uploaded, you can select multiple editing services to be applied: a popular combination is image enhancement and virtual staging, especially when the real estate photos you upload were not edited previously. To learn more about image enhancement CLICK HERE.

EasyPix Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging Pricing

Virtual Staging price can be dependent on a variety of factors which can be distilled to the following equation:

Level of customization = $$$

Using virtual furniture already created vs modelling custom furniture saves time and resources. We do handle such circumstances, but the overwhelming majority of EasyPix users want fast, realistic staging at an affordable price, as they are mainly looking to upload their photos to MLS listings. Yep, over 95% of our clientele are Realtors who are on a tight budget, and want to make their clients happy; clients aren’t usually happy when the listing of their home is taking eons due to this, that, and virtual staging, so we’ve got your back Realtors!

At just $20 per image, your marketing budget will barely be affected when ordering virtual staging from EasyPix. We put in the time and effort, conducting email surveys, follow ups, and opinion polls on what realtors and homeowners want in their vacant homes, and the results were clear: modern, realistic furniture without breaking the bank. Only 6% of responses were desiring custom furniture, and were ok with the timeframe. That was our guiding principle when creating our virtual staging method. Our Virtual Staging process is so EASY, and with our expertise and efficient virtual staging method, you can trust us to deliver results that impress!


No, your images are not required to be wide angle in order for us to edit them successfully. However, if you are looking for the best possible results for your images, we would highly suggest taking images with a wider angle to capture more details of the home inside and out. Not using a wide angle lens may result in very narrow images, like a corner of a bedroom rather than the entire bedroom. Please view our tips for taking the best images page.

Yes, we will fix any image, but only if we have 1.) blocked a walkway or 2.) staged with items that are not proportional to the room size. We offer an extremely simple “upload images & we do the rest” method of virtual staging. We also offer the most affordable “high volume” level pricing. Because of these factors, customization revisions are simply not included in our cost. We do allow you to submit sketches to us prior to ordering, to achieve your closest desired results.

Virtual Staging adds a great amount of color, contrast & depth to vacant homes, possibly increasing attention and traffic to the home based on the extra appealing look of the images. Virtual Staging also helps the viewer imagine possible layouts of furniture and decor in empty homes.

Virtually staged images will be available on your “My Images” page within 24-48 hours of your order.