Virtual Staging

$20 Per Image

  • Realistic Quality

  • Adds Color & Depth

  • Increase Traffic

  • Helps Viewer Imagination


What is

Virtual Staging?

You Choose Your Style, We Do The Rest.

Virtual Staging Themes

Theme 1

Modern / Urban: Ideal for modern, unique & newly updated homes. Lightweight and modern furniture with defined corners & some use of suede fabrics. Artwork and rugs with unique designs and patterns.

Theme 2

Classical: Classic style furniture & decor. Thicker furniture with more density, heavy cloth type fabrics & common use of wood. We frequently use beige, white, grey or blue furniture.

Theme 3

Coastal: Coastal style homes with lighter, relaxing & airy feel, composed of fluffier fabrics and simple designs.


No, your images are not required to be wide angle in order for us to edit them successfully. However, if you are looking for the best possible results for your images, we would highly suggest taking images with a wider angle to capture more details of the home inside and out. Not using a wide angle lens may result in very narrow images, like a corner of a bedroom rather than the entire bedroom. Please view our tips for taking the best images page.

Yes, we will fix any image, but only if we have 1.) blocked a walkway or 2.) staged with items that are not proportional to the room size. We offer an extremely simple “choose your style & we do the rest” method of virtual staging, as well as the most affordable “high volume” level pricing. Because of this, customization revisions are simply not included in our cost.

Virtual Staging adds a great amount of color, contrast & depth to vacant homes, possibly increasing attention and traffic to the home based on the extra appealing look of the images. Virtual Staging also helps the viewer imagine possible layouts of furniture and decor in empty homes.

Day to Dusk images will be available on your “My Images” page within 24-48 hours of your order.